BMW E30 E24 E28 oil/coolant temperature gauge


Cool accessory that every BMW E30, E24 and E28 fan should have. Digital LED temperature gauge with BMW console button appearance. Useful oil or coolant temperature indicator that fits perfectly in BMW E30, E24 or E28 console. Always great to know when the engine is warm and you can floor your bimmer… and when to stop 🙂

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-factory OEM look
-simple and quick connection via included couplings (est. 15min.)
-step-by-step assembly guide included in the kit
-does not require cutting or soldering wiring (easy to install/disconnect)
-high quality brass sensor probe
-clear and legible display

The set includes:
1x brand new button with the digital LED thermometer built in
1x sensor probe with 2.5m cable
1x owners manual in english
2x quick couplings for the instalation

Sensor placement FAQ:
The best oil temperature sensor placement is the oil pressure switch location via our “T-piece” adapter or instead of the oil pan plug (M12x1.5 thread in most BMW engines from m20 to m52).

For measuring coolant temperature you can place the M14x1.5 in the m20 engine block instead of a plug under rear exhaust header.

Sensor thread option

M12x1.5, M14x1.5, M10x1.0, 1/8 NPT-27, no sensor housing (for ambient temp)

KIT options

Basic KIT (gauge + sensor), KIT + T-piece M12x1.5 adapter


2.5m oil and petrol resistant automotive grade cable

Unit of measure

Celsius, Fahrenheit

Meter range

-55*C to 125*C (lower or higher temperatures are displayed as "LO/HI")


RED (fits the dash ilummination)


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