Small universal oil/coolant/air temperature gauge


Universal digital temperature indicator in a very small housing. Perfect for self-assembly in a dashboard of car or motorcycle. It can, for example, measure engine temperature (oil / coolant), air temperature or others in the range from -55 * C to 125 * C.

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-Very small size (10x22mm LED display)
-Simple and quick connection via included couplings (est. 15min.)
-High quality LED display
-Clear and legible display
-Choice of digital sensor in brass housing with or without thread
-Choice of universal housing or just the LED display
The kit includes:
-LED display with housing
-2.5m cable
-Digital sensor
-Mounting screws
Sensor thread option

M12x1.5, M14x1.5, M10x1.0, 1/8 NPT-27, no thread (for ambient temperature)

Gauge size

WxHxD: 42x21x26mm/1.65×0.83x1inch

Unit of measure

degrees Celsius

Meter range

-55*C to 125*C (lower or higher temperatures are displayed as "LO/HI")


RED (fits the dash ilummination)


2.5m oil and petrol resistant automotive grade cable


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